Our team of subject matter experts, business analysts, certified implementers, and user trainers have decades of experience with leading legal software solutions. We can help your law department evaluate, implement, and adopt technology to maximize its efficiency and productivity.

InfiniGlobe’s smaller size did not hinder any of our projects, they are consistently able to deliver on time and on budget, while bringing the right expertise to bear whenever needed. Big delivery from a small team!

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Legal Technology Assessment

Our first step is to evaluate your current systems and applications and assess how well they work for you. We begin by diagnosing your tools, marking what works and identifying pain points, while accounting for inter-departmental perspectives. Since we do not sell or endorse any of these technologies, you will be able to candidly share your experience. Our team will address your needs directly and help develop lasting solutions. We pay attention to the details and will tailor technology plans that best address the unique needs of your law department.


Often the pain points we identify during the assessment process have less to do with the technology in self and more with communication. Who drives the process? Who facilitates it? We’ll look under the hood of your operations to help you uncover what works and what doesn’t. We will help you:

  • Evaluate and assess your technology tools
  • Explore what integration process would be beneficial
  • Show you how to optimize the performance of each system
  • Pinpoint and clarify department functions and responsibilities to clarify roles and maximize efficiency
  • Accelerate changes with inter-departmental buy-in and collaboration
Legal Operations

Developing the right operations management system will reduce costs and free up resources. By re-engineering law department functions, systems, and processes, we will help you maximize your current technologies’ potential and enable your counsel and staff to focus on higher-value activities. We accelerate the process. That’s why industry leaders speak to InfiniGlobe first.

Legal Analytics

We extract meaningful data from your systems to give you a quick, accurate, and often eye-opening overview of key trends and system information. Our reports track resource spend and will enable you to translate this data into actionable recommendations that yield results.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have become industry standards over the last decade. We will help you develop effective, creative, and winning AFAs while maximizing resources by utilizing existing technology. We also help our clients set up and take advantage of KPIs to obtain decision-grade data for improving department and vendor performance. This has proven to improve efficiency, cut costs, and aid in better managing both clients and outside counsel.


Our experience helping the legal operations teams of government agencies and Fortune 100 companies encompasses industries including:

  • Financial Services and Banks
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Energy
  • Retail - Food Service

Legal Application Professional Services

Application Configuration

InfiniGlobe experts will work with you to configure your legal applications, maximizing usability and performance. Our full suite of enterprise legal management services will complement your department initiatives. As a partner of the industry’s leading software companies, we will enable you to maximize your technology investments. If you are using other systems, we will evaluate and customize solutions based on your specific needs.


With growth comes change — and InfiniGlobe can help simplify transitions within your company. Our data conversion services make it simple to integrate data into and from your different tools, such as TeamConnect. We prepare field-by-field mappings and analyze data to identify issues, using automated tools to reduce the time for both conversion and cleanup.


Reporting requires constant monitoring. InfiniGlobe will work with you to ensure your system continues to provide valuable information. From designing and enhancing the Business Object Universe and other reports to fine-tuning your data warehouse, our expertise will save you time and money.


If your system isn’t performing at optimum levels, InfiniGlobe can help. We’ll conduct a periodic evaluation that offers detailed and thorough analysis of your TeamConnect database and implement improvements to ensure your system runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Upgrade Services

We provide a complete upgrade experience including upgrade analysis, project management, technical services, testing, go-live, training, and post-production support. Whatever you need, we have it covered.


As you add or update enterprise systems and software packages, it’s important that they work well with your existing system. Our experts are experienced with many leading corporate enterprise systems such as DMS, MMS, AP systems, and more.


Our team has decades of experience developing a variety of nuanced custom rules, screens, tools, objects, reports, workflows, and more to meet your ongoing and unique business needs. If you need something done, we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Proven Hybrid Methodology

An implementation methodology is not just a series of steps to follow. It has to be efficient and flexible, based on informed analysis, lessons learned, best practices, and corporate culture. Our tested and trusted Hybrid Methodology encourages feedback early and often during the project, resulting in fewer surprises and stronger buy-in from end-users. Read more


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