Forbes: SaaS The Savior

December 17, 2020

2020 took us by surprise. In less than 6 months, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how we work, interact, and achieve success. Smart companies read the room and stayed flexible, adopting the necessary changes to stay buoyant, regardless of the storm. What made transitioning simple for them was their early decision to migrate to SaaS solutions for their in-house tools.

Case Study: A Leap of Change To A Modern Document Management System

December 14, 2020

Expanding your comfort zone and exploring the market for better solutions feels risky but it’s often rewarding. Easier said than done, here’s a real example from a client of the opportunities and results that lie beyond a leap from obsoleted to modern technology and integrations:

InfiniGlobe is Sponsoring Mitratech Interact US 2020! (Exclusive Offer for Attendees!!)

September 15, 2020

InfiniGlobe is proud to again officially sponsor this year's Mitratech Interact US 2020 conference. As a celebration of this year's virtual conference, we have an exclusive offer for attendees, (check it out here). Extended offer available.

Increase User Adoption by Reviewing TeamConnect Data Usage

September 14, 2020

As businesses evolve, so do their process and system requirements.

Often, however, TeamConnect objects, fields, screens, and processes are not kept up to date with newly-desired functionalities. Without dependency references, system admins hesitate to delete or hide a field that was customized and added in ages ago, clogging the system with hundreds of fields and tens of screens, with no idea of what’s useful and what’s obsolete. This compounds into lost motivation, if not full frustration, for end users when they login to TeamConnect and try to manage their cases or approve invoices. We all have come across applications that we use if and only if we are required to use them.

CEO Advice: Simplifying the Due Diligence Process (Forbes)

September 1, 2020

Our CEO, Mori Kabiri, was again featured in a Forbes Council Post, with some advice after coming out of the trenches of both participating in responding to Due Diligence requests from IG clients and in requesting them from IG vendors, all while expanding and developing the Vendor Due Diligence and Risk Management modules of the Counself platform. From someone who's seen it all,

Partnership Announcement: NetDocuments and InfiniGlobe Integrate Best Practices

August 17, 2020

After their joint success on a project together, the NetDocuments and InfiniGlobe teams decided to officially join forces as Integration Technology Partners. Please find a brief excerpt of the official announcement below.

To Integrate or Not To Integrate: NetDocs & TeamConnect

Nothing grows in a vacuum. Having different tools that can’t share data throws a wedge in productivity: there’s more double entry, there’s more logging in and downloading and saving and uploading, there’s more opportunity to miss something somewhere.

InfiniGlobe Delivers Successful Complex TeamConnect® Upgrade for Fortune 200 Company

December 2, 2019

InfiniGlobe LLC rolled out one of the most complex TeamConnect® Upgrades from a decade-old versioned system; a project that was executed professionally, smoothly, on time, and within budget.

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