Case Study: A Leap of Change To A Modern Document Management System

December 14, 2020

Expanding your comfort zone and exploring the market for better solutions feels risky but it’s often rewarding. Easier said than done, here’s a real example from a client of the opportunities and results that lie beyond a leap from obsoleted to modern technology and integrations:

A US national bank’s law department legacy document management system was approaching end-of-life. Upgrading the same system to a newer version was too complex and costly. The bank decided to replace their legal team’s old system with NetDocuments services. The transition was smooth despite their legacy system complexities, and users were happy with how intuitive their new system was to use.

A few months after their NetDocuments implementation and adoption, management noticed that the only remaining lag in their process was between their matter management system, TeamConnect, and NetDocuments. The two platforms couldn’t communicate, meaning users had to do lots of manual work to keep information in sync between the two systems.

They reached out to us to help. Here’s what we did:

We Listened

The bank reached out to our integration experts here at InfiniGlobe, who had performed similar integrations between TeamConnect and other DMS applications in the past. They shared their process and pain points with us.

Our experts understood, analyzed, and determined similarities between NetDocuments’s “matter-centric” design and the TeamConnect interface, building an integration that would allow users to easily create

NetDocuments workspaces, profile documents, and find information quickly, with a minimum number of clicks, from within their matter management system.

We made sure to spend time to survey and design for their system administrators as well, ensuring the interface managing the two applications was easy to configure and maintain for their inhouse staff.

We Valued Details

TeamConnect and NetDocuments are both complex, enterprise-level systems. Most corporations, including this bank, invest heavily in customizing, maintaining, and servicing their enterprise software. This can mean lots of custom rules, objects, fields, wizards, etc. that must be inventoried, understood, and accounted for.

Our InfiniGlobe business analyst reviewed both systems and defined metadata mapping, as well as a full understanding of security requirements. On the technical side, InfiniGlobe team used both systems’ API documentation and employed a variety of logics to marry these two systems. For instance, we created a NetDocuments window within the TeamConnect application which effectively allowed users to quickly ‘peek through’ and search any matter’s workspace.

For each area of integration or customization, our priority is to ensure our solution is easy to use and according to best practices.

We Delivered

The integration was a major quality-of-life achievement for TeamConnect and NetDocuments users.

TeamConnect users no longer had to leave the application to create a workspace or work with NetDocuments, and vice versa. Now, users can open individual NetDocuments workspaces on different tabs in TeamConnect for when they want to work on multiple matters throughout the day. Security and access control were also accounted for and integrated into the interface, ensuring only users with approval can access matter documents.

The bank has shared with us that they have seen major improvements from the benefits the integration plan promised, including speed, reliability, accessibility, and interoperability with an increase in users adoption of both the NetDocuments and TeamConnect systems.

Ready to Take That Leap?

If your team is also using TeamConnect, or another matter management system, and NetDocuments, come talk to us about a possible integration. Get in touch here.

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