Forbes: What Is The SaaS Architecture Maturity Model?

Featuring an excerpt from a written piece in Forbes by CEO Mori Kabiri about SaaS (Software as a Service) maturity model.

Rising from the Rubble: A New Legal Industry

In the decade that followed The Great Recession, a new legal industry has emerged from the rubbles.

InfiniGlobe Named Mitratech Certified Partner

InfiniGlobe, a leader in professional legal technology consulting has been named a Mitratech Certified Partner.

Legal Management Software Implementation – Hybrid Methodology

This article shows a breakdown of the hybrid methodology consulting strategy, including steps and benefits for both consultant and client.

InfiniGlobe Earns EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification from US Department of Commerce

With this certification, InfiniGlobe shows its commitment to global security and privacy in handling personal data.

Metrics, KPIs, Analytics : What do they mean for a legal department?

Get a proper grasp of what Metric, KPI, and Analytics mean as this article distinguishes the difference among these concepts.

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