To Integrate or Not To Integrate: NetDocs & TeamConnect

Nothing grows in a vacuum. Having different tools that can’t share data throws a wedge in productivity: there’s more double entry, there’s more logging in and downloading and saving and uploading, there’s more opportunity to miss something somewhere.

Integration is like a language lesson. It clears the way for your software to communicate. This improves the flow of information, which is essential to organizational efficiency, visibility, and collaboration.

This sets the stage for a great pairing – NetDocuments, a robust cloud-based document management system, and TeamConnect, a market-leading ELM (enterprise legal management) software. We did it and we’ve come back with the stories to help you decide to integrate or not to integrate.

Here’s what we learned.

Broken down, here are two solid benefits we found were the advantages of integrating NetDocs and TeamConnect for our clients:

Our client wanted a seamless NetDocs workspace creation experience within TeamConnect. We could pull it off primarily because of

  1. the availability of a set of REST APIs that not only addressed the requirements at hand, but could potentially address requirements related to several document management tasks like check-in, check-out, read etc.

  2. efficient and experienced collaboration with the NetDocuments support team which gave us the gumption to go forward with the integration with confidence knowing for a fact that any technical issues the client might encounter post-production deployment will have able hands behind them.

Clearly, the advantages of using an industry leading document management platform far outweigh its shortcomings, however, the integration did throw us some curveballs while using their authentication mechanism.

This is a problem we solved:

The NetDocuments API used industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication, however, TeamConnect doesn’t come out of the box with a standard integration strategy to integrate with this authentication mechanism. So we…

  1. Engineered a custom flow to effectively manage the lifecycle of access/refresh tokens.

  2. Resolved IP based restrictions to generate initial access/refresh tokens.

  3. Set up the implementation in a way that would require manual intervention in the future.

We like to tackle challenges and this challenge paid off!

What’s the verdict? Integrate.

Our client has shared with us that their new integration enables increased operational efficiencies, a centralized view of information, and the security and data integrity they had been looking for.

When asking whether or not to integrate, if your department is using TeamConnect for ELM and NetDocuments services for CRM, this is a successful case study in a worthwhile integration. We recommend it and would be happy to chat with you about your TeamConnect, its dependencies, and potentials for integration with your other software tools.

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