We have decades of experience with the leading legal software solutions and the knowledge to help our clients implement and adopt them to improve efficiency and productivity. Our team includes subject matter experts, business analysis, certified implementers and trainers who have spent their careers working in or with large law departments of corporations.

Legal Technology Assessment

Technology can play an important role within corporate legal departments. Legal technology is key in multiple areas, including workflow management, e-discovery management, document review, e-billing administration and hosting capabilities. Because we do not sell technology and are not aligned with any vendors, we are able to offer objective, unbiased advice—a rarity in today’s crowded marketplace. InfiniGlobe evaluates individual clients’ real needs in order to identify the most appropriate solutions. We begin any Technology Assessment the same way—by diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of a corporate legal group’s existing hardware and software. We then collaborate with clients to account for inter-departmental perspectives on the current use of technology in our analysis. Finally, we work with our clients to tailor a technology plan that best address the unique needs of their legal departments.

Legal Department Best Practices

Smart legal departments rely on best practices to identify and improve their performance. Most legal executives believe it’s tough to identify breakthrough opportunities; InfiniGlobe offers pragmatic, actionable advice for legal industry leaders seeking to improve performance. Our best-practices services are designed to systematically uncover improvement opportunities. We understand that this information is often incomplete without consideration of relevant context and the operating environment so in our recommendations, we take into account client strategy and objectives, structure, historical context, and capabilities.

Legal Operations

Legal operations are the core of a sustainable and effective legal department. Developing the right operations management system can reduce costs and free up scarce resources, regardless of size. By re-engineering legal department functions, systems, and processes, we can enable your in-house counsel to focus on higher value legal activities. Understanding where your department is, and how progress can be accelerated is a critical first step. InfiniGlobe's expertise and knowledge of leading departments’ best-practices are why legal industry leaders speak to us first.

Legal Analytics

Legal analytics defines the extraction of actionable knowledge from data for assistance in the decision-making process. It allows for new levels of transparency and access to useful insight for forward-thinking legal departments. Our legal analytics methodologies specifically work to provide insight into more effective approaches, saving legal departments time and money. Using technology tools, we translate our clients’ data into actionable recommendations and ultimately, meaningful results. Tracking, ongoing measurement, and targeted expertise help solve legal departments' toughest, most resistant problems.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

At InfiniGlobe, in our work advising the Fortune 500 legal departments, we have found a desire for alternative fees to be one of the most powerful tools driving efficiency and value in the legal services marketplace. Developing truly effective Alternative Fee Arrangements (that improve quality and the cost-effectiveness of the legal services delivered) requires effort and creativity. We are encouraged by forward-thinking legal departments who are leading the charge to improve the way legal does business. Our company’s knowledge of technology tools, coupled with our experience advising corporate law departments, uniquely positions us to assist legal departments in designing win-win alternative fee arrangements.

Legal Department KPI'S

Even for the best of the best, there are always ways to improve efficiency, cut costs, and better manage both clients and outside counsel. However, without concrete, actionable data, the legal department would often find itself grasping in the dark - this is where a legal department’s key performance indicators (KPI) come in.Our expertise in KPI enables our clients to obtain decision-grade data that directly goes into the heart of improving legal department performance. At the end of the day, the objective of a legal department KPI is to understand the potential shortcomings in the department's activities in order to create long-term efficiency gains.

Legal Applications Professional Services

Application Configuration

InfiniGlobe experts will work with you to configure your legal application, maximizing the benefits of the systems and processes you put in place. Our full suite of enterprise legal management services will complement your matter management initiatives and round-out your legal operations program.


With growth comes change — and InfiniGlobe can help simplify transitions within your company. Our data conversion services make it simple to integrate data into and from your TeamConnect. We prepare field-by-field mappings and analyze data to identify cleanup issues, using automated tools to reduce the time for both conversion and cleanup.


Reporting needs constant change — and InfiniGlobe can work with you to ensure your system continues to provide you with valuable information. From designing and enhancing universe and reports, to fine tuning your data warehouse, our expertise can save you time and money.


If your system isn’t performing at optimum levels, InfiniGlobe can help. We’ll conduct an analysis of your TeamConnect database, and implement recommended fine-tuning to ensure your system runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Upgrade Services

We provide a complete upgrade experience which includes upgrade analysis, project management, technical services, go-live, training, and post production support.


As you add or update enterprise systems and software packages, it’s important that they work well with your existing system. Our experts are experienced with many leading corporate enterprise systems such as DMS, MMS, AP systems.


Our TeamConnect experts can develop custom rules, screens, tools, and reports to meet your ongoing business needs.

Proven Methodology

If you have been involved in any enterprise software implementations, you know that an Implementation Methodology is not just a series of steps and activities to follow. It has to be an efficient and flexible approach designed on informed analysis, lessons learned, best practices, and corporate culture. Our Hybrid methodology enables feedback early and often during the project, resulting in fewer surprises and stronger buy-in amongst end users. read more