IG Insight is a tool for the corporate IT, Legal Ops, or TeamConnect Admin to finally get a complete, connected, and holistic view of their system’s customizations, security, usage, performance, and more, all in an easy to use interface. You can find out how you’ve configured your system to work, how users have used and are using it. IG Insight also gives you intelligent and actionable insight and suggestions on how to reduce and simplify system complexity, increasing user adoption and reducing the cost of system maintenance (not to mention headaches).

Mitratech TeamConnect, is an Enterprise Legal Management Platform, designed for and used by many enterprise corporate legal departments around the world. Thanks to its rich customization capabilities, you can choose the degree of tailoring the platform, allowing you to introduce custom objects, fields, and tabs for records, screens, and a lot more. With so many options, you can easily over-customize your TeamConnect, creating a complex and difficult to maintain system. These complexly not only make it harder for users to use the application and take advantage of it in full, but also lead to lower user adoption, poor productivity, and make the TeamConnect system too expensive to support and maintain by the corporate IT and the Legal Ops team.

Benefits by Role

Legal Operation Team

Know how your TeamConnect works and how your users interact with and use it, combined with suggestions on system usability. Improve Legal Ops processes and make workflows more efficient while taking full advantage of your team’s time.

TeamConnect Support and Admin

Proactively review system events and stay on top of issues, provide faster responses to your clients, increase customer satisfaction.

Information Technology Team

TeamConnect is a complex system; don't stay in the dark. With the under-the-hood view, stay on top of the client's requests for system enhancements and maintenance and keep your system clean, oiled up, and running smoothly with full visibility.

Implemeters and Developers

Stop searching for needles in the haystack. Simply search through the system blueprint with IG Insight and find what you're looking for (or even what was done before you) with a click.

Your TeamConnect's Design Blueprint

TeamConnect design changes, such as introduction of new fields, lookup tables, screens, security groups, rules, etc. are inevitable. While design documentation is very important for system support and maintenance, most often there are more than a couple of things that are either missing from documentation or not up-to-date with changes after any original implementation.

IG Insight will read your system design and give you a visual blueprint of your TeamConnect objects, rules, custom fields, and everything else in your system. This reference book with its cross-checking dependencies, saving you time and money during system upgrades, enhancements, and even troubleshooting.

As businesses evolve, so do their process and system requirements. But often, TeamConnect objects, fields, screens, and process are not kept up to date with newly-desired functionalities. Without reference of dependencies, system admins hesitate to delete or hide a field that was originally put in, clogging the system with hundreds of fields and tens of screens, with no idea of what’s useful and what’s obsolete. This compounds into lost motivation, if not full frustration, at the system for end users when they login to TeamConnect and manage their cases or approve invoices. We all have come across applications that we use if and only if we have to.

To do a proper system cleanup, you need visibility of your data and usage trends. The IG Insight data mining tool analyzes your data and generates reports showing the usage of all fields, records, etc. These reports support business users and IT in making decisions on retiring or archiving old data, fields, modules, and processes. Whether you are planning for your next TeamConnect upgrade, updating your business process and workflows, or simply would like better insight into how your users use your TeamConnect, this tool can help you significantly increase efficiency.

Your TeamConnect's
Data Usage Insight

subscription plans


SaaS Hosted - Annual Plan

  • SaaS Hosted
  • 1 Instance of TeamConnect
  • 1 User Account
  • 1 Year License
  • Design Blueprint
  • Basic Support


SaaS Hosted - Annual Plan

  • SaaS Hosted
  • 3 Instances of TeamConnect
  • 5 User Accounts
  • 1 Year License
  • Design Blueprint
  • Data Usage Report
  • 1 Year of system logs
  • Premium Support


SaaS Hosted - Annual Plan

  • SaaS Hosted
  • Unlimited Instances of TeamConnect
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • 1 Year License
  • Design Blueprint and Analytics
  • Data Usage Report and Analytics
  • Unlimited System logs and Analytics
  • System Monitoring and Notifications
  • Premium Support