TeamConnect Tools

We have worked with many clients who use TeamConnect to handle legal management for their large teams and their complex needs. After decades of TeamConnect implementations, upgrades, and enhancements for these organizations, we have built a collection of tools and best practices to help legal departments and IT teams benefit from the powerful TeamConnect engine. The modules below can be integrated into your existing or new TeamConnect product, helping you improve quality, reduce costs, and raise awareness of key factors affecting your success.


Outside Counself Performance Review

The OC Review module for TeamConnect is a simple, easy way to capture consistent metrics regarding the success of outside counsel and their cases. You can use this TeamConnect module to set clear standards, which can be communicated to outside counsel to help them understand what is expected of them and finally measure results accurately with customizable surveys. Well-defined metrics help define quality and give outside counsel a focal point to shape their performance and deliveries. It centralizes the collection of metrics within TeamConnect, giving you an organized toolset to analyze, report, and inform decision-making.


Alternative Fee Arrangement

One of the most well-known strategies for Alternative Fee Arrangement is the Volume Discount, which means the amount of work promised by a client can help outside counsel garner a more favorable discount. This is often driven by a client seeking to capitalize on its loyalty to a firm. Law firms easily understand and quickly adopt this AFA on a regular basis. This method tends to require a strong relationship and long-term investment by both parties. We have developed this AFA, fully automated and using the power of TeamConnect invoice auditing and analytics, effectively helping our clients reduce their external spend by around 12%

TC Business Objects Reports

Gain visibility into your law department Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

More and more, companies aim to run their Legal Departments like businesses — to accomplish this goal, it’s essential to understand how key metrics affect your success. Business Reports provides law department leaders and in-house counsel with the visibility needed to take control of their department’s legal spend and align day-to-day performance with overall business goals. This package of carefully designed, ready-to-use Business Objects Reports features over 40 KPI reports, and can be custom-configured for TeamConnect and deployed in your department in a matter of weeks.

TC Invoice Analytics

Apply the power of visualization to invoice review

Save time, money, and avoid billing errors with Invoice Analytics. Invoice Analytics makes it possible to easily and quickly review complex invoices with hundreds of line items allowing you to easily spot potential overcharges, anomalies, trends and breakdowns, all in one screen.


When it comes to legal trends, location data makes a world of difference

Data-driven maps provide key insight into geographical information, enabling you to see emerging trends, identify savings opportunities, get ahead of potential lawsuits, and much more. You can access this module directly from TeamConnect, providing easy and meaningful visualization of any location data. For instance, integrate case location, law firm location, and scorecards with travel times, costs, and other factors, to see vital information for law firm selection, all in one place.